I became interested in the Emotion Code after reading Dr Bradley Nelson’s book. After doing several amazing trial treatments, I was inspired to train as an Emotion Code Therapist qualifying in 2009. Already a Qualified Flower Essence Therapist, I found the Emotion Code a great addition my work with the essences, as it combines the best of both forms of therapy.

Everyone has emotions. We live our life by our feelings, choices are often made unconsciously, based on how we are feeling at the time. The question is:-

Are your emotions working for or against you?

Most of us are unaware of all the emotions we have stored in our unconscious, but they affect how we deal with the world. Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, fear, anger, rejection, frustration, jealousy, being taken for granted etc. can stop you living life to the full.

These emotions may even be attached to events that we are unable to recall. All that remains is the emotion that will be triggered and reinforced every time we meet a similar situation.

If you think your emotions are holding you back, or getting in your way, the Emotion Code could be just what you are looking for…

The Emotion Code offers a way to get in touch with the trapped emotions in the subconscious and allow them to be released safely

brainWhat is a trapped emotion?

The brain works in 2 modes; conscious & unconscious (subconscious)

The conscious part deals with all the things we are aware of.

The unconscious runs your breathing, digestion, body repairs, infection control etc. All the things that go on in the background.

The unconscious also stores every single thing  you have experienced from before birth to now. During brain surgery, when areas of the brain are electrically stimulated, patients have experienced full technicolour memories of events the conscious mind can barely remember.

To stop the conscious mind going into overload with too much information, your brain protects you by only using 10% of your brain in day to day awareness (your conscious self). The other 90% is used by the unconscious, where you run your body and store your experiences and emotions. The link between the two is those ‘gut instincts’ which are partial memories from your unconscious, to alert you to dangerous or negative situations, people or places.

When it comes to events which caused deep negative emotions, we can choose to ‘forget’ the circumstances completely because they are too difficult to deal with. The emotions linked to these events can become trapped. We are no longer consciously aware of them but they are still in the unconscious mind. Trapped emotions can contribute to physical pain,anywhere in the body, trying to alert you to emotions that need dealing with. It is these trapped emotions that are identified and released using the Emotion Code.

Commonly Asked Questions

Learn more about the Emotion Code…

It is possible to ‘talk’ to the subconscious by using simple, painless, Kinesiology (muscle testing) . When a trapped emotion is found and named it is brought into the conscious mind. This causes an energy imbalance in the governor meridian  (the area that stores emotions in Chinese acupuncture). A magnetic roller corrects this imbalance as it travels down the back, correcting the energy imbalance and allowing the trapped emotion to be released.
Historically Love is the emotion of the heart , but other terms we use like ‘Heart broken’, ’Heart felt’ and ‘like a knife to the heart’ tell a different story. If someone threatens us physically or verbally it can feel like a physical blow to the heart.

We shield our heart (our feelings) from being damaged by building a wall of energy around it. We add layers to this energy wall for each emotion we trap there. The many layers can be surprisingly thick . Living with the protection of a heart wall can make us feel safer  – like being in a bunker – but it makes it more difficult to give and receive love.

consultationecWhat happens in a consultation?

As a trained Emotion Code Therapist, Sally is able to find and release trapped emotions. She will use Kinesiology on your dominant arm to name the trapped emotion and the age it was trapped. She will then ask if there is any memory of the event. The trapped emotion will then be released using a magnetic roller down your back – a painless procedure.

Emotion code per session:-

£29 (approx 1/2 hour) – first session maybe longer.

Supporting Essences:- £10 per bottle (UK only)

The release of trapped emotions enables you to react more positively in difficult situations and can reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Physically the Emotion Code can help alleviate symptoms aggravated by trapped emotions.

The most common reaction after trapped emotions have been released is the sense of weight having been lifted, a feeling of lightness, happiness and contentment.

Long term the brain will process all the information formerly attached to the trapped emotions properly, so they are no longer something that automatically take over in a situation. It allows you to become the truly amazing person you were meant to be without being held back by your emotions.


Emotion Code sessions are held at The Back Pain Centre, Poynton, Cheshire UK.  http://www.thebackpaincentre.me/

Phone :- 01625 850 300

E-mail :- spiritualgarden1@gmail.com

I slept for hours the night after our session, a beautiful, peaceful and restoring sleep. I feel some very powerful blocks and drains , that I’ve been dragging around with me forever have been released. Since yesterday and especially today I have felt wonderful. I am bowled over by what happened and the amazing results. Sally is an incredibly powerful and effective healer.
Dr B., France
I had no idea what to expect from this and still don’t really understand it, but it appears to have had a profound effect on me and surprisingly even those around me. It can be emotional and unlock things you don’t even know are there, but after just the first session I felt like singing out loud so it obviously shifted something.
Ms S., Poynton
Sally Middleton is a very kind, wise and spiritual person. She helped me acheive in a matter of weeks, what I haven’t been able to achieve for decades. She will allow you to dig below the surface to learn about past experiences that may be shaping your current behaviour. The process is absolutely mind blowing and extremely simple. (I did mine on Skype) All you need to do is to talk and trust Sally. Most men may think this is complete nonsense but it is definitely us who often need it more than anyone and I strongly recommend you to try it.

I had instant results after just one session like a weight had been lifted! Please give it a shot and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Mr J., USA